in Lockdown//Programme

Premiered online 7pm Tuesday 26th May 2020.

Watch here:

These films were made in lockdown with whatever technology participants had access to – from old mobiles to professional equipment. The variation in quality bears proud witness to artists’ determination to remain creative. 

The programme runs at approximately 40mins.


Written by Bryony Lavery Performed by Katie West

Slow Time

Suzannah Evans

A poem. Written and Performed by Suzannah Evans

Pauline & Brian

Kate Rutter

Written by Kate Rutter Performed by Kate Rutter & Mike Beaken


Written by John Hunter Performed by Zoe Iqbal

Under The Cloud of COVID-19

Karen Mulcahey

Written and Performed by Karen Mulcahey

An Ordinary Woman

Ray Castleton

Written and Performed by Ray Castleton

Three Poems

Suzannah Evans

Written and Performed by Suzannah Evans

The Drowning

Written by Rani Moorthy Performed by Nadia Emam

Next Left in Lockdown was produced by Kate Rutter, Nadia Emam & Melanie Crawley.

Lockdown Programme Editor: Brett Chapman

Lockdown Film Directors & Editors: Dave McClelland & Brett Chapman

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