Test • Track • Trace – Brave New World? // Programme.

Our most recent show took place on Friday October 22nd 7.30pm at Theatre Deli Sheffield

Our trailer:

From a satellite we see our planet – green, blue, beautiful. We rush closer and  closer till we come to a stop in a northern British town. A light flashes from the  window of a high rise like a signal for help. A wheelchair lies on its side in an  alley. A kid’s car seat sits beside a random traffic cone. Behind a rotting  window frame, a collection of porcelain figurines have turned their backs on  the street. And yet….we pan round to an iron railing where a child’s lost sock  has been carefully placed.  

We have been sorely tested. How do we track our progress through  pandemic and climate emergency? Before Covid hit, we had lost control of  our data as those in power tried to weaken democracies and foster division.  What traces are left now of community, humanity, and hope?  

Eight new shows performed script-in-hand for the first time alongside music and poetry – we return to the stage for the first time since January 2021 and we’re delighted to introduce our writers, directors and performers, musicians and poets here. Our shows are assembled double quick so check back here or follow us on social media for the most up to date programme info – added as and when confirmed.

Our Performers

(Columns, top to bottom from left) Ali Mylon, Rowe David McClelland, Beatrice Comins, Claire Dean, Connor Gale, Maria Sims, Eleanor May Blackburn, Ashleigh Cordery, Lisa Armytage, Ray Castleton, Ross Cawton, Kate Rutter, Sean Corey and Melanie Crawley.

Our Writers

(Columns, top to bottom from left) Bryony Lavery, Ella Hardy, Melanie Hopkins, Paul Kenny, Rachel E. Thorn, Ray Castleton, John Hunter.

Our Directors

(Left to right) Hassun El-Zafar, Olwen May, Kate Rutter, James Stone and Neil Sissons (not pictured)

New Writing

(in alphabetical order)

Back to the New Normal

Written by Rachel E Thorn, performed by Rowe David McClelland, Ali Mylon and Melanie Crawley, directed by James Stone.


Written by Melanie Hopkins, performed by Ross Cawton and Ray Castleton, directed by Kate Rutter


Written by John Hunter, performed by Maria Sims, Lisa Armytage and Connor Gale, directed by Neil Sissons.


Written by Paul Kenny, performed by Claire Dean and Connor Gale, directed by Kate Rutter.

Getting Back To…

Written by Ray Castleton, performed by Beatrice Comins, directed by Neil Sissons.


Written by Bryony Lavery, performed by Ashleigh Cordery, directed by Olwen May.

The Squirrel Wars

Written by Briony Lavery, performed by Kate Rutter, directed by Olwen May.

Variety Shitshow

Written by Ella Hardy, performed by Eleanor May Blackburn, Sean Corey and Rowe David McClelland, directed by Hassun El-Zafar


We’re excited and pleased to welcome back to the stage Giving Voice – a choir that supports the work of Speech and Language Therapists, a healthcare profession that gives hope to adults and children with communication and swallowing needs. Speech and Language Therapy touches the lives of many people including supporting children with autism to communicate; giving people who stammer the confidence to reach their potential and enabling people with swallowing difficulties after a stroke to enjoy food without fear of choking. The choir is led by Josie Robson with accompaniment by Gerard Fletcher

COVID Safety policies for Friday 22nd October TEST TRACK TRACE- Brave New World at Theatre Deli Sheffield.

  • We ask all audience members to wear a mask when moving around the building and when watching the show in the auditorium (unless exempt).
  • We encourage all ticket holders to perform a Lateral Flow test in the 24 hours prior to attending the show and only attend the venue if that result is negative.
  • We ask that if any audience member shows any symptoms of COVID at the time of attending – a raised temperature, new continuous cough or loss of taste or smell that they do not attend the venue even if their LF test is negative.
  • If you have symptoms you should get a PCR test immediately. Please use the hand sanitiser provided when in the venue.
  • All our show participants have been vaccinated – over 90% double vaccinated.
  • All our participants will have shown a (logged with the NHS) negative LF test in order to participate
  • Our participants will wear their masks and use hand sanitiser when moving in the public areas of the building.

We hope this helps our audience, especially those who are more vulnerable, feel safe in attending venue on Friday so they can relax and enjoy our show!

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